Czech crystal chandeliers, ELITE BOHEMIA

Product Description:

For Czech crystal chandeliers, we use crystal hand cut and pressed glass, hand painted glass and gold-decorated glass and two-layer hand cut glass. Czech crystal chandeliers are made of quality materials and traditional and new production processes.

Other information:

For our Czech crystal chandeliers we use machine-cut trimmings, both with high lead content and lead-free, precisely processed and high quality trimmings of a historical type of Czech and foreign origin. On the international market, the Czech crystal chandeliers are among the best ones.


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Company Head Office:

Ing. Josef Chlum - ELITE BOHEMIA
Slunečná 639
513 01

Czech Republic


Contact Persons:

Ing. Josef Chlum
Company owner
Tel.: +420 481 622 566

language Used:
czech, english, russian
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Ing. Tereza Chlumová
Sales Manager
Tel.: +420 481 622 566
+420 721 674 195

language Used:
czech, english
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Czech crystal chandeliers Czech crystal chandeliers Czech crystal chandeliers Czech crystal chandeliers Czech crystal chandeliers


Product Name: Czech crystal chandeliers
Country of Origin: Czech Republic, EU Payment Terms: invoice
Production Amount: according to agreement Minimum Delivery Amount: according to agreement
Unit Price: according to the current pricelist
Quality, Safety Certification: CE, Gost, UL
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